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Browser Flexibility

These days not everyone is purely a Mac or PC user, so it’s vital that we design your site with Cross browser flexibility in mind. We tweak each and every site to work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge for a full spectrum of quality user experience.

Lets Get Animated

Our developers produce powerful custom animations in a variety of styles to make your site “pop” and catch the ever so imporant attention of your audience.

Fast. Intelligent. Playful.

We work with you to ensure the very best standards are met in providing a fast, super easy and simplistic design. Flow and integration of your ideas is key to providing the wow factor you’d expect when seeing a new site for the first time.

Panoramic View

Viewing your site on larger displays is never an issue thanks to the benefit of using full-width displays. Our responsive design ensures no matter what screen you’re viewing on, your site is fully visible to your audience.

Customized Sliders

Animated sliders, as well as text, image and video layering effects adds the little details you need for your web profile to stand out among the crowd. We love to go the extra mile and it really shows in our client work. Check out our sliders and page ripple for an example!

Unbreakable Formula

Although 100% tailored, our web dvelopment process follows an unbreakable formulaic procedure. We plan. We design. We develop. All our work is documented so we can go back to an old idea at any stage.

Dreaming and Scheming

We will plan with you as well as for you. Imagine your dream website, choose what styles you like. Pick your favourite layouts and colour schemes. Your companies site is for you but our experts will guide you in the right direction.

Making the Magic happen

Here we take all the project needs we discussed and get creative! We’ll build your dream site just how you want for it. We’ll make it visually striking, flawlessly efficient and with higher functionality than you’ll get elsewhere.

Fine tuning your Masterpiece

The Development stage is where your ‘baby’ comes to life. Our top end programmers will mould the initial design into code and really make the magic happen - all in one place to make it easiest for you.

So.. Why Us?

We’ve proved across over 1000 projects that our; Plan, Design, Develop model works - REALLY WORKS. Whether you’re a large Organisation or an Individual our services hold all the value you need. Our web development perfectly suits Corporate, Business, Portfolio, Creative, Blog, Agency and Other types of site.

Responsive Mega Menu

A Responsive interface will keep your customers coming back time and time again so we use Horizontal, Vertical (L&R), 6 drop down animations and muti-level dropdowns to optimise the search efficiency on your site.

Contemporary Customization

We believe in a personable, customized experience for each and every client. No business is the same so why should its website be? We develop the right colour combinations and background image / pattern with our theme customizer module.

Limitless freedom in Design:

Agnitus Infotech LLP used more than 6 page layout options. We’ll help you to pick the layout that suits your identity best but you can request to change between any of them at any time.

Responsive and Retina Ready

With multiple devices, screen qualities and sizes now available, responsive design would be wrong to go without. Not only will your website stand out from the crowd: all graphics we use will look golden on a high resolution retina display.

It’s the little things..

We use animated sliders, as well as text, image and video layering effects to add the little details you need for your web profile to stand out among the crowd. Your website is like the front of your store - lets make it amazing!

Specialist Blog Services

If you’re after developing a blog, we’re more experienced than most. We have specialist blog developers as well as systems to search for the omptimal SEO keywords and maximise the enagaement with your site.

Parallax Capabilites

We include finishing touches like asymmetric scrolling to add depth to the background images and fine tune your site. We really love to go the extra mile.

Clean code. Smart code.

All our sites are built with the most up to date programming language to present on the web. HTML5 allows our elite developers to use cleaner, smarter code. We also use CSS3 to help style site pages.

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